What We Do: Grants for Greeley Grads

The Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund (HGSF) exists to make up “the difference” between the actual costs of college and all other financial resources available to students and their families (i.e. loans, scholarships, work-study, student savings, and parent contributions). Many families in Chappaqua, NY have trouble affording all the costs of college and the HGSF gives Horace Greeley High School students and alumni grants to cover any financial deficits families may have.

Now More Than Ever, We Need Your Help:

Each July the HGSF Grants Committee reviews the applications submitted and each July we are struck by how deeply some of our neighbors here in Chappaqua are struggling to meet basic needs let alone pay for a child’s college education. This past year, HGSF received about 60 completed applications with a total “gap” (the difference between a family’s available funds and their demonstrated need to pay for college costs) of over $800,000. Many of the individual “gaps” exceeded $20,000. While each need is unique and circumstances are confidential, as a whole our applicant pool shows that people are struggling right here in Chappaqua. The Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund helps send dozens of Greeley graduates to college each year. It is funded by you – caring neighbors and members of our community who want to make sure that every student is able to realize their dream of receiving a college diploma. Last year we only had the funds available to meet 62% of the need. Our goal is to meet 100% of the need for all qualified Greeley students. Please help us get there.

The Grants Committee:

Our Grants Committee along with an independent financial aid specialist thoroughly reviews each applicant’s financial need and provides a grant based on the individual need. The Grants Committee is composed of three to five Board Directors of the Fund, an HGHS vice-principal, a guidance counselor, and a Chappaqua Board of Education representative. All members of the HGSF Board of Directors are local residents and/or HGHS alumni.

Privacy Is Key:

All information provided to our Grants Committee is strictly confidential. Even our Board Members (other than the Grants Committee), are unaware of the applicant’s names, financial need, or grant amounts. The HGSF takes protecting our applicant’s privacy very seriously.