Spelling Bee Nov. 1st, 2021, 5pm on the Contest Field (Football Field)

“Beecome” a part of the Bee!

Join the Bee fun and support HGSF:
• Compete against a team of Greeley athletes, librarians, brainiacs, or even Principals! The possibilities are endless. 
• Match wits whether your team members are terrible spellers or genius ones – the Bee is still a lot of fun!
• Enter as a group of friends, a school club, sports team, G.O., etc.
• Enter teams from various organizations outside of the Greeley community: neighborhoods, churches/synagogues/temples, businesses, sports teams, school PTAs, families, etc.
• Deadline to enter: October 18th

Ther are many ways to contribute:

  • Enter and sponsor your own team (complete “Enter A Team”)
  • Enter your team and we will match you with a sponsor (complete “Enter A Team”)
  • Sponsor a team (complete “Sponsor A Team”)
  • Place an Ad

The S.H.A.R.E. HGSF Committee
[email protected]