What is the Horace Greeley Scholarship Fund?

HGSF is a non-profit, grant-making organization whose mission is to fill the gap between a student’s available resources and the anticipated cost of his or her post-secondary education.

How real is the need in a community like Chappaqua?

As a community, we share a commitment to “teach our children well” — by providing them with a superior education, an environment in which to succeed, and an opportunity to pursue their dreams. But few of us can foresee the unexpected circumstances that may thwart those dreams. Whether due to death, long-term illness, divorce, or unemployment, there are neighbors with a very real need indeed.

Who can apply for an HGSF grant?

Grants are available only to graduates of Horace Greeley High School, and only for accredited post-secondary education programs. Grants do not cover graduate programs of any kind, only undergraduate programs such as 4-year college, community college, or trade school.

Applications are available in the guidance office and online at Apply.

Is it a one-time grant or a repeating grant for each year of college or post-secondary school?

Because financial circumstances change, students must re-apply each spring for the subsequent academic year. HGSF provides grants both to Greeley students about to begin college as well as to Greeley graduates who are entering their sophomore, junior, or senior years.

How are grants decided?

HGSF uses an expert on financial aid and admissions to analyze the financial information submitted by applicants to help determine the unmet need demonstrated by each applicant – the gap that exists between the actual cost of attending college after family and student contributions, financial aid awards, other awards and grants, and student loans are considered. Our Grants Committee then allocates available HGSF resources to those applicants who have demonstrated unmet need.

You may contact the Grants Committee for more information.

How many students apply for grants, and how many can you help?

In a typical year, the Fund receives roughly 50 applications from Greeley graduates and is able to give grant awards to at least half of the applicants. Grants are awarded based on demonstrated need and typically range from $1,000 to $16,000 per award. While demonstrated need always exceeds our available resources. it remains our aim to provide assistance to every qualified applicant.

Who will know that I have applied for a grant?

Applications and supporting documents as required are reviewed only by the Grants Committee including its consultant – the names of the members of that committee, as well as the names of the applicants and their private data, are kept strictly confidential.

How is the organization funded?

HGSF is a community-supported organization. The vast majority of our grant money comes from individual donations. We limit our appeal letters to just two a year, one each in the Fall and Spring, sent to every household in the district. Your response is so important! The Fund holds a Spring Gala in March of every year and periodically holds other fundraising events like the William Louis-Dreyfus Foundation Art Collection Viewing, the Annual Spelling Bee, Poker/Mah Jongg Night. In addition, proceeds from the annual Funball tournament go to HGSF.

In addition to individual contributions, we are fortunate to receive support from a number of area businesses and organizations. We are also fortunate to benefit from student-led fundraising efforts, including the SHARE Spelling Bee, the Senior Musical, and other Greeley student club activities. Finally, any interest from the Barlow bequest helps further augment the donations received through our fundraising efforts.

The HGSF is an all-volunteer organization; every dollar we raise above modest operating and fundraising expense goes directly into the pool available for grants. We welcome any fundraising suggestions you might have and, of course, we welcome your contributions at any time.
You may make your donation by check or using your credit card.